Oh My, I’m Inspired!

As you can tell, I’ve not been using this blog much lately, and that’s mainly due to a lack of inspiration…

So, I have started a new blog, and would love for you to follow Oh My, I’m Inspired!, to keep up with my ever-changing journey and to share in my new-found excitement and inspiration!

See you over there!

The Sound Of Change

posterYesterday was a great day. I attended the Sound Of Change concert at Twickenham Stadium and it was incredible. I was so excited because it meant that I finally got to see Beyoncé, as well as other great artists like Rita Ora and Florence and the Machine. What I didn’t count on though, was the incredible impact the event would have on me…

Beforehand I was aware that this was a charity event, but I really didn’t understand what I was going to be a part of. I was mostly interested in Beyoncé’s performance and hadn’t paid all that much attention to the reason why the event was being put on. However, as the event started I quickly became aware of its importance – it was a platform giving a voice to this vital community of people dedicated to promoting education, health and justice to women and girls everywhere. That community is Chime For Change.

Chime For Change works alongside Catapult, a crowd-funding organisation, to fund projects which help to tackle gender inequality around the world. Here’s how: 

Throughout the concert I was moved more by the videos showing the incredible work of the projects supported by Chime For Change, than I was by the star-studded performances. It was immediately important to me to listen to these messages, to understand that the basic human rights that I take for granted as a woman are not given to everyone, and to join the Chime For Change community to do whatever I can to make a difference.

One of the most special things about the event, for me at least, is that the money I paid for my ticket has been given back to me in the form of a gift voucher for Catapult. This means that no profit has been taken from ticket sales, and that I can choose exactly where I want my money to go. This way I know that I’m donating directly to a project in need of funding, and I can choose one which I am most passionate about.


I have chosen to donate to Educate Young Men on Gender and Sexuality. I believe that it is so important for young men to be taught about gender and sexuality, to be given the knowledge to stand against the root causes of commercial sexual exploitation, and to stand up for gender equality and equal rights. This project has resulted in the formation of the Youth and Students Advancing Gender Equality organisation in Asia Pacific, and continues to fight for the welfare of girls and women.

I can’t begin to explain the impact that the Sound of Change concert has had on me. It’s made me want to change lives, to dedicate my time to helping others and to become a significant part of the Chime For Change community. Equality is important, and I want to help make it a reality.

Love Peggy Rose Has Launched!


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Banner final

I recently launched my own website, Love Peggy Rose, where I sell up-cycled vintage and pre-owned costume jewellery that I make myself. It combines a love of fun, glamorous jewellery with a desire to keep things ‘green’ by recycling things that aren’t used any more!

One of my favourite pieces is this Heart Drop Headdress, it’s simple but totally gorgeous and is sure to dress up any outfit!

Product Listing

With headdresses, necklaces, earrings, rings and collar clips there’s something for everyone, and the products are all one-of-a-kind individual pieces! Why not head on over to the Love Peggy Rose website and take a look for yourself? And give us a like on Facebook too!

Small business only become big ones with a little help from people like you!


The Best Of McFly Tour


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promoIt took me about 4 listens to 5 Colours In Her Hair to decide that I loved McFly. After realising that they weren’t just trying to be the new Busted I gave them the respect that they deserved. They’re clever songwriters, talented musicians and genuinely nice, funny guys! When they first burst onto the scene (a whole 10 years ago now!) I was at that young age where I would cover my entire bedroom with posters! I’d get any magazine with them in it and stick the cut-outs all over the walls, and get up early to catch all of their TV appearances and record them on video tape (so old school)! As the years have passed I’ve grown up alongside McFly, the posters have come down and my obsession has ebbed, but my love of the music has never faltered. If anything, as I’ve grown up and learned more about everything I’ve developed more respect for what they do. The thing about McFly is that they’re often misinterpreted. Yes, they are a pop band and they are boys, so they get branched under the ‘boy band’ bracket. The problem with this is that ‘boy band’ isn’t the most respected term in the musical dictionary, and brings to mind names such as Boyzone, N*Sync, Blue and One Direction. These ‘boy bands’ have all had strings of hits and do have some pretty good songs, but there is one massive difference that people seem to overlook – McFly write their own music and play their own instruments. First and foremost they are musicians, but they don’t seem to get the same respect that indie and rocks artists do and I think that is because of the genre of music they write. If everyone would take a minute to listen to their catchy riffs and witty lyrics, I think they’d maybe see McFly in a different light. And, let’s face it, they put on an incredible live show.


Last night I went to the final date of The Best Of McFly Tour at Wembley, which would be maybe the sixth of seventh time I’ve seen McFly over the years, and it was beyond amazing. The energy was relentless, the songs were impeccable, and the boys’ banter broke down the barrier between the stage and the audience.


Opening with an acapella snippet of Memory Lane (which would be later played in full with lots of arm waving and crowd participation) McFly set the tone for a high quality night. With upbeat tracks like Star Girl and Shine A Light there was plenty of opportunity for the crowd to get dancing, but a heart wrenching rendition of Bubble Wrap was a total show-stealer for me. As with any concert these days, there was an encore which saw the boys perform their latest hit Love Is Easy and their hugely successful Comic Relief single All About You, before ended on a super high with The Heart Never Lies during which Tom changed the lyrics to “McFly til forever”.



As a McFly fan from the start, it was obvious that I was going to love this show, but my Mum, who loves their hits but doesn’t know them all that well, was so surprised at how good their live show was! She grew up watching the likes of Queen and Whitesnake and definitely thought that McFly could give them a run for their money! If that’s not a massive complement to the guys as musicians, I don’t know what is!

So to McFly I say, thanks for the last ten years and here’s to many, many more!

Knitted Crop Vest


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IMG_20130426_144300I am no stranger to a brilliant charity shop bargain, but when I spotted these 1980s knitting pattern packs for just 50p each I couldn’t believe my luck! Each pack contains 12 different patterns and a magazine with handy tutorials to guide you through new knitting stitches and processes that you may need.

I don’t feel like I’ve experimented all that much with my knitting – I tend to stick to small projects (knitted hearts anyone?) or straight lines! But after picking up these packs I was just too excited to contain myself and got straight on with choosing my first project to tackle. As I’m a keen lover of a crop top and high waist combo, the first pattern I chose was a simple cropped vest – the front and back are made exactly the same, and it’s mostly in stocking stitch, so I thought I’d be fairly safe with it! Armed with the pattern, some light blue wool, my much-used 4mm needles and a brand new 3.25mm circular needle (eek!) I was ready to get started!

DSC03003I found that the main pieces for the back and front were relatively easy, with a little knit one purl one rib, a lot of stocking stitch and some casting off/knit two together for the decreasing around the armholes and neckline. The difficulty, it seems, came from edging the neckline and armholes. The instructions make it sound so easy – “using a 3.25mm circular needle, knit up 184 stitches evenly around the neck edge”. Excuse me? First of all, what does knit up mean? And secondly, how am I supposed to know what size gap will make 184 stitches even? Yup, I felt well and truly out of my depth! However, there is always a way to persevere, and my motivation came from this fab YouTube video which helped me nicely along my way!

I still struggled with trying to make the stitches even (they definitely weren’t!) and developed an awful headache from the deep concentration, but once it was all finished I was actually really pleased…


DSC03009For a first proper project, I’m happy with how the vest turned out – it’s a little tighter on me than it looks in the picture on the pattern, but I think that’s because I’m not as small as they were in the 1980s! I can’t wait to get started on my next knitting challenge from these packs, but I have a couple of other projects to finish first!


Project Life: Week 19


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This week was a little disjointed, as Monday – Thursday was spent in Leeds, Friday was spent travelling back and the weekend was spent at home. I still feel like I managed to achieve quite a lot though!


I finished my latest knitting project (a cropped vest) and was able to submit my first assessment for the course that I’m doing, as well as picking up some new boots and rustling up a mean salad!
shot_1368701108525Once I got home it was full steam ahead with work on the Love Peggy Rose website, I went to the Where’s Lewis gig, and was super pleased to see lots of new life with hundreds of tadpoles in the pond and a new bonsai sprouting!


I Can’t Stop Listening To…Brandon And Leah


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love to have a boogie, and enjoy nothing more than finding a new track to get my dancing shoes on to! This week I found just that, in toe-tapping duo Brandon and Leah, from Santa Monica.

They’ve recently released their latest EP Cronies, which has had me dancing around the house to Showstopper on repeat, and sharing their songs with anyone who’ll listen! So here it is!

You can listen to their tracks on YouTube and you can buy Cronies now on iTunes so gogogo!

Project Life: Week 18


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It was a bit of a weird week this week, in that it felt much longer than a week, which I think was mostly down to the fact that I traveled to Leeds on the Friday.shot_1368701083554

I included the tickets from mine and Sam’s trip to the cinema to see Iron Man 3 (which I loved!) and my train tickets to Leeds. After my visit to the Harry Potter Studios Tour I couldn’t resist starting to read the books again from the beginning, so I made sure to take Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with me to read on the train. We also stumbled upon Patisserie Valerie on our first day in Leeds and couldn’t resist picking up a few treats for dessert as you can see! Mine was the double chocolate gateau but those profiteroles are a work of art!shot_1368701089915I also included a couple of pictures of my Harry Potter Film Wizardry book (which I got from the Studios Tour gift shop) as it was truly amazing to flick though – I can’t wait to sit down and read it properly! I wrote a little about a coffee catch-up with a friend, and the wool that I got for my next knitting project!


Back On The Bandwagon


DSC02990I’ve been neglecting this blog quite a bit recently, and I’ve decided that that’s got to change! I think it’s mostly because, when I have been thinking about blogging, I’ve been focusing on my style blog I Am, Style Is, which I do love, but I definitely want to get back into blogging about other things too!

There’s been a lot of interesting things going on with me lately, from a recent visit to Leeds to see some family, to a very exciting new business venture, so I plan to keep this blog updated more often with my scattered thoughts and things I love…

Project Life: Week 17


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shot_1367225027151It’s been another wonderful week with lots to include in my Project Life! From catch up’s with friends, to my new found Instagram addiction, to what was possibly the best day of my life…EVER, it’s been wonderful to look back on it all and put these pages together.

shot_1367225031196The collage on the top left was a way for me to include some of my first Instagram pictures. I finally got the app after months of hearing everyone else raving about it, and I love it! You can follow me @morningdollface to see all of the things that I get up to!

On Thursday night we took an impromptu trip to Hasting to see the partial lunar eclipse. Although only a small amount of the moon was covered in shadow, the sky was so clear and it looked beautiful reflected on the sea water.

I also included my recipe for the week (my first medeira cake!), the progress of my second bonsai seedling (the first one died!) and a screenshot of some of the snaps I took at my first Love Peggy Rose product photo-shoot.

The second page was dedicated entirely to the most wonderfully magical experience – my trip to the Harry Potter Studios Tour…

shot_1367225036517As a proud Potter Geek there is nowhere I’d rather be than the Harry Potter Studios Tour, except perhaps The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but a road trip up the M25 is much easier (and cheaper) than a flight to Florida! If I could, I would live at the studios, and I think that even if I was there every day I still wouldn’t be able to take everything in! I was in awe from the moment we arrived and couldn’t have imagined it better. For anyone who is even remotely interested in Harry Potter, or even just in films, it is a must-see. I honestly cannot recommend it enough! I’m going to stop there, because I could definitely go on about it all day, but let’s just say that my life has now been made by perhaps the best week ever.