New Recipe: Week 17


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For my new recipe this week I tried my hand at a medeira cake. I’ve made countless victoria sponges in my time, and do love a medeira cake so I thought it was about time for me to make my own!

The recipe I used was from my trusty old Be-Ro recipe book (but you can find an up-to-date version here) and it was simple to follow.

It is a fairly long bake, so it’s best to plan in advance to make sure you have enough time, as it’s not one of those recipes you can use to whip up a quick sponge after dinner!

IMG_20130425_181709The end result was a mild, dense sponge which really should cater to all tastes!



Love Peggy Rose


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logo - final proofIf you read my Project Life posts, you might have seen that lately I’ve been working on an exciting new project called Love Peggy Rose. I’ve always made my own jewellery out of odd bits of chain and random trinkets that I find, and love the idea of up-cycling something to give it a new lease of life – it’s creative, and it’s recycling! So I’ve decided to put that love to good use, and set up a shop to sell my up-cycled jewellery!

I’ve been hard at work creating lots of cool products, from necklaces and rings, to headbands and collar clips, and working on branding.

The name Love Peggy Rose came from an evolution of ideas, from the wonder of recycling a product from a previous generation into something new, from having love for what you do, from the desire to progress in the future to form a community. Peggy is my Nannie’s name, and Rose is my Mum’s middle name. I wanted to keep the name personal and versatile, so that options for the future are endless!

I’m currently working on getting things prepared, ready for the launch of an online shop. I’m going to use Goodsie as a platform to design the shop, and can’t wait for the launch of their new system so I can get started! Take a look at this video if you want to see the amazing things you’ll be able to achieve with the new Goodise!

Goodsie – The most powerful and intuitive e-commerce design system yet. from Hiidef on Vimeo.

Please go ahead and like Love Peggy Rose on Facebook, and follow @LovePeggyRose on Twitter! Thanks! I’m so excited about all the new things to come and can’t wait to share my progress with you!


Project Life: Week 16


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Life has been great recently, and I think my Project Life for this week really shows that! There’s lots of colour and bright pictures, and it’s wonderful to be able to see how my projects are progressing from week to week.shot_1367218330085

One of the most important things for me to include was this picture of the heart shaped logo I designed for my up-cycled jewellery line, which I’ve been working really hard on (you can like the Love Peggy Rose page on Facebook to keep updated with my progress, and follow @LovePeggyRose on Twitter!). I also started my Equality and Diversity course this week, so I included that, and a lovely walk that Sam and I took in the sun around Hayesden.
shot_1367218335145I’ve also been getting a lot more creative lately, which I’m very pleased about, so I wrote about my latest crochet project (a set of cushion covers for my Mum) and added strips of coloured ricrac which I used to make some up-cycled key necklaces. It was a good week for food, as I made two new recipes (jam tarts and herb and mozzarella mushrooms with garlic toast) and couldn’t resist a massive ice cream when the van parked right outside my house!

I’m enjoying working on my Project Life so much, it’s incredible to have a collection of memories to look back on every week, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me in the future!

New Recipe: Week 16


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20130419_200153For my recipe this week I knew I wanted to make something sweet that everyone could enjoy, so I chose jam and lemon curd tartlets.

The recipe I used was from a Be-Ro recipe book that my Mum has had for as long as I can remember! It’s pretty worn out but I always love the recipes and can’t bear to replace it! You can get an up-to-date version here though.

DSC02645We made a mistake with the first batch of pastry, adding too much water which resulted in a horrible, oddly elastic texture. The second time round worked perfectly though, so we cut the pastry into circles just a little larger than the holes in the tin and generously spooned in the strawberry jam and lemon curd.

20130419_160636In retrospect we were a little too generous with the fillings, as they ended up boiling over and being rather messy, but they tasted just delicious! I’d definitely recommend giving them a go – they make such a lovely snack!



Project Life: Week 15


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It was another good week, with a birthday, a life plan and a little sun!shot_1366272062208

Most of the week was fairly slow, but a meeting got me thinking about what I really want to be doing – I’ve always found it difficult to answer the question “what do you want to do with your life?” but this week I felt like I had a total breakthrough, so I dedicated a page in my project life to a kind of plan. It was really great to think about the things that are important to me, and how I can combine them to create a happy future for myself! I’ve also been super motivated ever since, which has been brilliant!shot_1366272065931The weekend came with most of the action for the week, as Saturday was Sam’s birthday. There was a lovely family party, and an evening out with friends which made for a great day for everyone involved. Sunday came with the most sun we’ve had in a long while, so after getting a few things done, I couldn’t resist a long walk in the sun.

All-in-all a great week!


New Recipe: Week 15


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20130415_174407I’ve had this recipe for herb and mozzarella mushrooms with garlic toasts pinned for a while and finally got round to trying it!

The process was fairly simple and quick to follow, which was great as there wasn’t a lot of time needed for preparation. As I didn’t have a char-grill pan, I chose to grill my toasts instead and they turned out nice and crispy, which was great!

The flavour of the mushrooms lovely, and the toast was great for dipping in the sauce! All-in-all a really tasty, simple and quick dish!


Making The Most Of The Sun


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In stereotypical British fashion, when the sun was shining yesterday we hastened to make the most of it, almost as if it had never shone before! Although I had a long list of things I wanted to get done yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but feel that staying indoors would be a total waste, so i whizzed through a couple of tasks and headed out for a walk to the park. I took a few pictures along the way:

DSC02555DSC02552DSC02554I was hoping to get a better picture of this squirrel but, of course, it ran away when I tried! Hopefully we’ll get a proper Summer soon so I can enjoy more of the sun this year, and perhaps pine less after an unaffordable summer holiday!

Project Life: Week 13


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With this week being my Dad’s birthday week and Easter weekend, there was lots of unhealthy treats around! You can see the Batman birthday cake that I make for my dad, my delicious white chocolate Easter egg from Stas Chocolatier and my recipe of the week – Creme Egg Brownies!

This week I saw Sam’s band Where’s Lewis? play at the TN4 bar in Tunbridge Wells – they went down really well, which was great for only their second gig! I also started thinking more about future careers and spent a day helping my Dad organise his office – I am in love with organising so it was a great day!

shot_1364827612153 shot_1364827618046