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shot_1367225027151It’s been another wonderful week with lots to include in my Project Life! From catch up’s with friends, to my new found Instagram addiction, to what was possibly the best day of my life…EVER, it’s been wonderful to look back on it all and put these pages together.

shot_1367225031196The collage on the top left was a way for me to include some of my first Instagram pictures. I finally got the app after months of hearing everyone else raving about it, and I love it! You can follow me @morningdollface to see all of the things that I get up to!

On Thursday night we took an impromptu trip to Hasting to see the partial lunar eclipse. Although only a small amount of the moon was covered in shadow, the sky was so clear and it looked beautiful reflected on the sea water.

I also included my recipe for the week (my first medeira cake!), the progress of my second bonsai seedling (the first one died!) and a screenshot of some of the snaps I took at my first Love Peggy Rose product photo-shoot.

The second page was dedicated entirely to the most wonderfully magical experience – my trip to the Harry Potter Studios Tour…

shot_1367225036517As a proud Potter Geek there is nowhere I’d rather be than the Harry Potter Studios Tour, except perhaps The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but a road trip up the M25 is much easier (and cheaper) than a flight to Florida! If I could, I would live at the studios, and I think that even if I was there every day I still wouldn’t be able to take everything in! I was in awe from the moment we arrived and couldn’t have imagined it better. For anyone who is even remotely interested in Harry Potter, or even just in films, it is a must-see. I honestly cannot recommend it enough! I’m going to stop there, because I could definitely go on about it all day, but let’s just say that my life has now been made by perhaps the best week ever.