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logo - final proofIf you read my Project Life posts, you might have seen that lately I’ve been working on an exciting new project called Love Peggy Rose. I’ve always made my own jewellery out of odd bits of chain and random trinkets that I find, and love the idea of up-cycling something to give it a new lease of life – it’s creative, and it’s recycling! So I’ve decided to put that love to good use, and set up a shop to sell my up-cycled jewellery!

I’ve been hard at work creating lots of cool products, from necklaces and rings, to headbands and collar clips, and working on branding.

The name Love Peggy Rose came from an evolution of ideas, from the wonder of recycling a product from a previous generation into something new, from having love for what you do, from the desire to progress in the future to form a community. Peggy is my Nannie’s name, and Rose is my Mum’s middle name. I wanted to keep the name personal and versatile, so that options for the future are endless!

I’m currently working on getting things prepared, ready for the launch of an online shop. I’m going to use Goodsie as a platform to design the shop, and can’t wait for the launch of their new system so I can get started! Take a look at this video if you want to see the amazing things you’ll be able to achieve with the new Goodise!

Goodsie – The most powerful and intuitive e-commerce design system yet. from Hiidef on Vimeo.

Please go ahead and like Love Peggy Rose on Facebook, and follow @LovePeggyRose on Twitter! Thanks! I’m so excited about all the new things to come and can’t wait to share my progress with you!