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shot_1364647198135As it was Easter weekend I just had to do an Easter themed recipe! I’m sure, like me, you’ve probably seen the Creme Egg Brownies recipe all over Facebook for the past couple of weeks, so I just couldn’t resist giving it a try!

I found the recipe itself really simple to follow as everything is broken down into sections. The only difficulty was in actually cutting the Creme Eggs in half! Have you ever tried to do this? Because they definitely don’t like to crack! I found the easiest way to do it was to score around the centre line with a serrated knife for a few rotations before trying to cut!

I baked the brownies for exactly the time stated in the recipe and left them to cool while I popped out. However, when I came to cut them up they were really gooey on the inside – more like a melt in the middle pudding than a brownie. I was a little disappointed as the texture wasn’t ideal, but they still tasted really yummy!


Maybe next year I’ll use my own recipe for the brownie mix and just add the Creme Eggs on the top!

Did you try out the Creme Egg Brownies recipe? How did you find it?