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shot_1360671118285Me and my boyfriend are both unemployed right now. Me voluntarily, him not so much. Our go-to date night used to be dinner and a movie, but we’re both watching so many £s drain from our bank accounts to pay for the necessities that we don’t dare to spend on fun. It’s something I was struggling with – feeling like we never did anything fun anymore, until I decided find inspiration for cheap ways to spend time together. Here are my top picks for cheap date ideas:

Go for a walk

Heading to your local park and taking a long walk gives you a great opportunity to just talk to each other, and enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company. If your park has courts go for a game of tennis or basketball, and don’t worry if you’re rubbish, it’ll just make for a funny story to tell!

If you have a few £s download a guidebook from treasuretrails.co.uk for a nearby town or city and spend the day discovering unknown places and interesting history. They’re cheap and fun and you’ll be surprised at some of the things you discover.

Do a puzzle

I’m a big fan of charity shops and always see tons of jigsaw puzzles in every one I go to. Usually I walk straight past, but I couldn’t resist a 1000 piece Lord Of The Rings puzzle depicting the good and evil of middle earth (total geek, I know!), for only £2.50. Sam and I worked on it together, which was really fun, and it gave us 4 days of entertainment! I’m not sure if that’s a ridiculously long amount of time to spend on a jigsaw, but it was one thousand pieces and they all looked the same! The point is though, that we enjoyed doing it together, and when we finally finished it we had such a sense of achievement, and it helped me to realise that we don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun together.

Go to a local museum or gallery

Often entry is free and as well as spending quality time with each other, you can learn stuff too! There’s an Inspiring Women exhibition at my local museum at the moment that I’m desperate to go to, and I think it’ll make a great date!

Teach each other something

I love the idea of teaching each other something we love. For me, I’d probably teach Sam to bake cupcakes or an apple crumble, and I suppose he’d teach me to play guitar or video games. I can’t promise that I’d be any good but it’d be fun to try! I think it’s always good to share what you love, whether it be cooking, art, sport, gardening or anything else, give it a go and teach someone!

What’s your favourite way to date without breaking the bank? Let me know in the comments!