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In true goal-achieving style (see goals for 2013) Sam and I spent some quality time with the great outdoors! I’m lucky to live so close to Haysden Country Park with its two lakes, the river Medway and a very impressive 160 acres of field and woodland! Here are a few snaps of the day:

shot_1359549433453 shot_1359549637029

shot_1359551075859 shot_1359549740830 shot_1359549791840 shot_1359550158614 shot_1359550300970 shot_1359550386808It was a beautiful day but there was a lot of evidence of the previous day’s rainfall! We couldn’t even make it to the lake because of the flooding (and a lack of appropriate attire – canvas shoes and water don’t tend to mix!), and it was just generally pretty muddy. It was a fairly short visit, but it felt good to get out into the fresh air for a while – definitely a great choice for one of my goals this year!