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I wanted to make something universal this week, that everyone would be able to eat (and like!) so I opted to make a loaf of bread! I’ve dabbled with bread before, but have only made some simple rolls so it was really exciting to make a whole loaf!

As this was my first attempt I wanted to keep it simple with a classic white loaf recipe, which I found in Step-By-Step Baking by Caroline Bretherton.

Reading through the recipe, at first it felt like there was a lot to do, but as I broke it down into individual steps it turned out to be simple enough!

The end result was soft, with a crispy crust and totally delicious served warm with lashings of butter!


It is a great achievement to make your own bread, but it can be very time consuming so you do have to commit!

Do you have time to make your own bread? Or do you have any time-saving tips you could pass along?

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