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It’s the same every year. Christmas is a time for eating…a lot! So when the new year comes it’s all about getting back on track, increasing your fitness and well, feeling epic (in a fit and healthy sense, not in an ‘I’ve eaten so much I’m the size of a house’ sense!). And did you know that being overweight, underweight, a smoker or a heavy drinker could actually add up to 50% to the cost of your life insurance? Crazy huh?! So head on over to www.moneysupermarket.com to see how much you could be saving by embarking on the Get Fit Feel Epic journey!

I’ve never been one for sport – when I was at school one afternoon a week was reserved for exercise, but being able to play the ‘I’ve got gym equipment at home’ card meant that, although I did go home, the extra hour was spent in front of the TV, and definitely not exercising. When I left school I went straight into a job without a car, which meant long walks to and from the train station on a daily basis, so staying fit just kind of happened. Now that I’m voluntarily unemployed and spend almost all of my time sitting down, I’ve noticed a decrease in stamina and an increase in wobble! So it’s time to make a change – to Get Fit, Feel Epic!

To me Get Fit, Feel Epic means:

  • Eating a little less cake! I’m a sucker for the sweet stuff, but my waist-line is suffering so I’m using my 2013 goal of a new recipe a week to try out some healthier dishes, like these apple muffins I made in week 1.
  • Downloading the Walkroid – simple pedometer app. I can keep track of how many (or few!) steps I’ve done, which will probably inspire me to venture on an after-dinner walk or two!
  • Taking up basketball. I recently noticed that there’s a basketball court at my local park. It’s not the kind of sport that I hear much about where I live, but I bet it’ll be a lot of fun, especially with a group of friends in the summer. Plus, I reckon I could score some major cool points for being a girl who can shoot hoops, right?


What are you going to do to Get Fit, Feel Epic? Write a blog post about it and enter the UsFitties competition at usfitties.com for the chance to win a Fitbit Zip fitness tracker and a Fitbit Aria smart wi-fi scale!