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After reading all about Elise’s Project Life last year I knew I wanted to do one for myself. I want to have something I can look back on and see all of the good things I’ve achieved and the happy times I’ve had, and I’m hoping it will bring a little structure back into my life – something I’ve been lacking since unemployment!

Week 1 was fairly quiet, and I’m still getting to grips with the whole process, so it’s not particularly creative but it’s a start…

Happy New Year 2013


I wanted to document my New Year’s Eve and Day so there’s a fair amount of writing on this first page, and I was really pleased with my first project of the year – crystal growing! It’s really simple and fun, but you get something amazing and beautiful out of it, which I love!



I also included the first recipe I did (see my goals for 2013) and One Tree Hill. I know that’s a bit lame, but I got the boxset for Christmas and have been obsessively watching it – I love it! And I’m not ashamed to say it!

Going forward I plan to be more creative with what I include, and hope to have some exciting adventures to show too!