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I was inspired by Amy’s post Setting Goals for 2013, I think mostly because I love to list everything I want to achieve, and I often don’t achieve it all! There’s been a lot of changes for me in 2012, and I’m still trying to figure out how to just do ‘life’ at the moment. Balance is tricky, I’m not certain on where I’m at or where I’m going and I’m adamant that I’m not going to get into a panic over it! So I’m focussing on goals that I feel will enrich my life a little, ones that will be fairly easy to achieve and be something I can look on positively, rather than feeling like a chore!

  • Make a new recipe every week

I can get by in the kitchen, but I would never declare myself a cook. I tend to stick to the things my Mum taught me to do years ago, that I’ve done again and again, rather than trying out new ideas, so my goal is to make something completely new to me every week of the year. I’m very excited about this one, as I have countless cookbooks on my shelves that I rarely use, and there’s so many delicious recipes that get my mouth-watering! This goal might culminate in me going solo to make next year’s Christmas dinner, but I won’t hold myself to that just yet!

  • Spend time outdoors

Since I ventured into my voluntary unemployment I have spent a lot of time crafting (I’m more familiar with knitting needles than I have ever been!) but not an awful lot of time doing much else. The idea with this goal is that I take the time to enjoy being outdoors. I used to be the kind of person that would feel physically unwell staying indoors for prolonged periods of time, but since spending so much of my time at home this does not seem to be the case. I’m a firm believer that fresh air leads to a fresh mind, and intend to be proactive in achieving this.

  • Make an effort to learn new skills

It’s fair to say that I have taught myself a reasonable amount this year, but I intend to be more forward in learning new skills next year. I found a little pack of Christmas gift tags to make (from a craft magazine I bought last Christmas), which entailed cross-stitching small designs before attaching them to the labels. Instead of following the instructions I decided it looked too complicated and put them to one side – something I intend not to do in 2013! I think this goal also ties in with the recipe one, as I’m hoping that by the end of 2013 I can confidently say “I can cook”!

  • Meet new people

Looking again at the subject of unemployment, and spending much of my time at home, I feel like I’m alienating myself from social situations and even becoming a bit of a hermit. By challenging myself to meet new people I plan to push myself more socially, and pursue my interests by finding like-minded people.

Here’s to making 2013 a positive, successful year!