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I received an order recently for a child’s beret complete with pompom, which seems great, right? Well yes, until you realise that you’ve never made anything in child sizes and the last time you made a pompom you were about 10 years old! Cue a little panic and a bit of improvising…

I have a trusty pattern that I’ve been using to make adult berets for a few years, and was able to adjust it subtly and create a beret fit for a 5 year old fairly easily (on my second attempt!), which left only the pompom to do.

They are quite easy really, though more tedious than I remember as a child! Here’s a quick how-to:

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Wool

First, cut 2 cardboard rings, a little bigger than you want your pompom to be, and don’t forget the hole in the middle has to be big enough to pass you wool through!

shot_1355643858596With the two layers of card together, wrap your wool around the rings, pulling the ball through the centre (this part can be quite tedious!).


Once you have enough layers for how thick you want your pompom to be, cut all around the edge between the two layers of card.


Next, take a long length of wool and pull it between the two layers of card, tying in a knot the hold the pompom together.

shot_1355646696193And now pull the pompom through the hole in the card.

shot_1355646720997Trim any uneven parts and use the long length of wool to attach the pompom to whatever you want! Here’s the beret I made:


Quite easy really, why don’t you have a go? You could make them as baubles for the Christmas Tree!