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shot_1354655730921After a fun-filled Sunday afternoon of board games a couple of weekends ago we wanted to get hold of some new games, and what could be better than something Harry Potter related (for me at least, poor Paps has only seen a few of the films!)?

So last night the family sat down for a couple of rounds of Harry Potter Scene It. If you’ve never played before I’d definitely recommend it! There’s a variety of challenges, from question cards to interactive games for one or all of the players, and with the addition of charms & spells cards to throw in both advantages and disadvantages, you definitely won’t bore easily!

Unfortunately for my ego Sam won both of the games, but I had so much fun and can’t wait to play again.

I think board games are such a great thing to do with family and friends. You can stay in and avoid the winter cold, have a good chat and catch up and there’s always laughs!