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For a while now Mum and I have been compiling a list of all sorts of things we want to get done, mainly around the house and Saturday was definitely a day of achievement.

I think everyone has that cupboard, kind of like Monica in Friends, where you just end up putting everything that doesn’t have a proper home. It’s messy, even when the rest of your house isn’t and you probably don’t need half the stuff that’s in there.

We set to work organising, gifting to charity what we didn’t need, moving things that could be moved (our best crockery is now in the cupboard with the rest of the crockery) and using boxes to store crafting stuff.

The result is fantastic! Everything is organised nicely and the two shelves are now free for us to stack our many different fabrics, ready for a creative 2013!

It’s important, I think, to do all of those little things you’ve been meaning to do now. Whether it’s organising your messy cupboard, re-decorating a room or finishing off that DIY project that’s been sitting around, do it now before 2012 comes to an end so you can start 2013 with nothing that ‘still needs doing’ – a fresh start and a fresh mind!

Sunday was a different sort of day. It’s been a good few years since I’ve played board games, it’s just something we don’t seem to do, but boredom caused a Mousetrap and Monopoly filled afternoon. And it was fantastic! It was lovely to spend time with my family and have some good old fashioned fun! And it reminded me of the Christmas season so I’m starting to get excited!

Oh, and I actually won Monopoly!!