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I have a few necklaces that I often get comments on, and the best thing is, they’re all ones I’ve made myself! So I thought I’d do a little post about how you can make your own!

I started with a bag of gold chains that I got from Robert’s Rummage in Hastings – it’s an amazing treasure trove of a shop with floor-to-ceiling knick-knacks of all sorts. It’s the kind of place that you can spend so much time and not even take in half of what you’ve seen, and the prices are incredible! You can get bags of assorted chains for just £1, which is how I got the makings of these two necklaces. You can also find similar chains on Ebay, for example searching for job lot gold chain.


The first is totally simple – all you need is a cord or ribbon!

Taking the straight length of chain and a plain black cord, all you have to do is thread the cord through the two end chain rings.

Tie it in a bow and ‘ta-da’ you have a simple yet cute chain necklace!


For the second one, you need an assortment of chains and a pair of pliers.

Taking a long chain, create a large loop. Then cut a shorter chain. Open the end rings of the shorter chain, and folding the loop chain in half, attach them with pliers to either end.

You then need a chain slightly longer than the one you just cut. Attach this one in the same way, to the first ring at each end of the shorter chain.

And there you have it, a triple layer chain necklace!


The third is a little bit of a cheat! I found this gold chain belt in a charity shop, and decided to wear it as a necklace instead – definitely the simplest way to create a bold gold statement necklace!