Do you ever find that you’re up early with the motivation to get lots of things done, only to find that everyone else in your house is still in bed so you can’t actually get started on any of it?
That’s where I’m at right now. I’ve been up for a while, checked my emails and completed an online survey (all those 96p surveys will add up eventually!) and am ready to get cracking with all of the things I’d like to get done today. But unfortunately everyone’s asleep, apart from the cats who seem to be craving my attention! So what to do? I’ve decided to organise exactly what I want to get done today, and since I don’t have access to my notepad (my boyfriend’s in my bed) I’m going to do it here.

  1. Prepare another set of Ebay listings
  2. Sew reversible collar
  3. Sew tissue pocket (a friend of mine showed me a handy little pocket she had bought to keep her tissues in and I think it’s such a good idea – I always need to carry tissues with me in the winter and find they constantly fall out of the plastic wrapper, so I’m gonna see if I can make a handy pocket of my own)
  4. Start knitting (again – I messed up twice on this pattern already so I took some time away and I’m predicting third time lucky!)
  5. Mend 4 items
  6. Choose a book to start reading
  7. Track down some green nail varnish (ages ago I saw a tutorial on watermelon nails, and since I got a black nail art pen yesterday I’m dying to give it a go!)
  8. Get the ironing done (I had a mountainous pile to work through the other day, so I’m planning to get it done ASAP so it doesn’t build up again)
  9. Order Christmas presents (it seems stupidly early but I’ve already had some ideas of presents to get people and don’t see the point in waiting around – who knows, they might sell out if I wait!)
  10. RELAX! I’m gonna allocate some time to just chill out with the fam’ today too

So that’s what I want to get done…I wonder how long it’ll be until I can get started!