It’s been a long one, full of all sorts of things!

It all got off to an early start – I can’t say I was impressed to wake up at 6:20 on a Sunday morning, especially on my last day of rest before returning to work, but I chose to be as productive as possible with my time. And since I feel like I haven’t written a list in a while, here’s one of all of the things I’ve done today:

  • Ordered baking supplies
  • Read a chapter of my book
  • Baked a sponge
  • Washed/dried the dishes
  • Organised my bookshelves
  • Sold two old phones
  • Made two little pin cushions
  • Watched Cool Runnings
  • Turned the sponge into a batch of cake pops
  • Watched 27 Dresses
  • Washed the dishes (again)
  • Caught up with today’s Olympic news