After a lot of hard work lifting and moving yesterday, me and Mumma planned to take some time out today to wander around the charity shops on the hunt for my Halloween outfit.

As always, the day started with us finding something we definitely weren’t looking for. For Mum it came in the form of a little Winnie The Pooh jar to match one we already had, and for me it came in the form of a cool beige fur trimmed jacket – I’ve been thinking recently that I need a short jacket, I have coats and long blazers but not really any short jackets, so I was able to justify it by claiming it fulfilled a need! Oh, and I also got ‘Knitting in Vogue’ a book full of Vogue knitting patterns dating from the 20s to the 80s which I’ll have to try out!

Otherwise though, we stayed pretty true to the brief, just getting things for my Halloween costume and plenty of decorations for the house! We never seem to do much for Halloween, but with the tough times we’re going through at the moment we thought it would be really fun to go a little crazy and really get into the spirit! We got plenty of decorations from the local 99p store so we’ve got decorations for the whole house at a grand total of £15 – I think that’s pretty good going!

I can’t wait to dress up myself and the house next week!