I often feel that there is an unfortunately large number of douchebags in the world.

Only this past fortnight a friend of mine opened up about the constant abuse he gets from walking down the high street, just because he is gay. And this, like many others things that I encounter, caused me to lose my faith in humanity just that little bit more. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the uprising of support that has shown since this friend went to the local newspaper to raise awareness of the unacceptable way he, and others like him, are treated.

In the past week a Facebook event has been created, detailing a peaceful protest that will take place through the town on this Saturday (18th August), giving a voice to the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community and telling the people of this town that it is not OK to treat these people as they have been treated, and that they have the support of many who will stand up and fight for their rights.

The response that this event has received, and the sheer dedication of the host team has been inspiring to say the least. And it’s things like this that remind me not to assume that, because I may see too much of the douchebags in the world, there isn’t a larger number of people ready to make a stand and fight against them. So thank you for restoring my faith in humanity.