This blog is primarily about my journey to happiness – a place where I can share the ways in which I am increasing my own happiness, using my own initiative. Never was it intended to be a place for me to share my opinions, but I have been deeply disturbed by something tonight, and I feel the need to write about it.

I have always found it difficult to understand people’s arguments when retaliating against violence with violence.

A group of people in my local area are organising a peaceful protest against homophobia in our town. I think this is a great thing. Gay and lesbian people are verbally and sometimes physically abused, and this needs to stop. There was however, one person whose opinions I did not agree with. This person by no means represents the opinions of the group, the title itself states that the protest is intended to be PEACEFUL, and I do not wish to offend anyone involved. But I believe there is a difference between standing up for people’s rights and equality, and stooping to the level of those you are standing against. To suggest that “we should throw things back at them” and that “fucking homophobes…need a good kick in the face” is unacceptable in my opinion. How is violence against those inflicting violence a solution? How can you claim that what they are doing is wrong when you suggest that you do the same to them?

Take the death penalty as another example. A person commits murder. This offence needs punishment, but I cannot understand how death, how another person becoming a murderer, can be considered justice. Surely to issue the death penalty creates another murderer who, in turn, is punishable by death? What makes one different from the other? Each has committed the same act, so why is one considered a crime and the other considered justice?

This has all stemmed from an image I saw on my Tumblr feed. I do not want this image on my blog, and I warn that it is shocking and to me, exceptionally disturbing. It shows a “child molester stabbed to death in Mexico” and can be seen here. Child molestation is one of the most severe crimes in my opinion, which I think is an opinion shared by many others. Equally severe is murder – taking a person’s life with intent. Both of these crimes should be punished by law, by imprisonment. To hunt down a child molester in a gang and violently murder him is as much of a criminal offence as the original act. I can count 32 knives in that man’s body. Meaning that, potentially, 32 people have become murderers. So what should be their punishment? How can it be argued that their actions are acceptable? How is it OK to murder someone because they have done something terrible? In murdering them another terrible act has been done, surely creating a vicious cycle if the same argument is upheld – that violence and crimes are acceptable if they are aimed and people who have shown violence or committed a crime. I just cannot understand this.

One of the things I find most concerning about the image is the number of people who have shown support in liking, re-blogging or commenting. At the time of writing this post there have been 3,396 notes. I cannot say that all of these were in support of the image, but I’m certain that the majority are. I find it difficult to understand how so many people can think this behaviour is acceptable, that it should be adopted by the masses as a suitable form of punishment.

I am not familiar with law enforcement in Mexico, and it may be that the system does not work effectively to bring criminals to justice. But my opinion would then be that a better system needs to be put into place in order for criminals to be tried and punished for their crimes – I would never consider that to take punishment into one’s own hands by in turn committing a crime would be acceptable.

I would like to reiterate that this post is comprised entirely of my opinions, which I am aware will differ from those of others, and I ask that this is respected.