So I’ve worked two days at my new job, and was hoping for a nice easy week to get me started. Work itself has been great, I’m learning a lot and coming up with some exciting new ideas, but home life seems to have been just as busy!

With household chores to do as soon as I arrived home yesterday, and lots of little bits and pieces to organise I ended up feeling under the weather and opted for an early night.

And today has been much of the same! I’ve arrived home to ebay items that need packing ready for posting tomorrow, a long list of emails to go through, a survey to complete (which happened to be about an advert I find unbelievably annoying) and some updates to make to my Oxjam event!

And that’s all even before dinner!

I do like to keep busy, and I’m doing fun things but I’m definitely also looking forward to having a relaxing evening at some point this week!