It seems like rather a long time ago now, but last Sunday I was lucky enough to go to the Olympics!

I know it’s totally cool to be all nonchalant about it, but I don’t care – I was freaking excited and I bloody loved it!

After a crowded trek through London (London Bridge is a nightmare at the best of times – add in thousands of Olympic attendees and it’s almost impossible to manoeuvre!) we finally arrived at Wembley Park, and having never seen Wembley Stadium before I was, quite honestly, awestruck by the sight of it.

Having been warned of long queues and airport-like security we were pleasantly surprised to be able to meander inside without a moment to queue and just a brisk frisk – just in time to catch Lizzie Armitstead’s silver medal win for Team GB! And we had plenty of time to stock up on food and drinks before the first of our two matches started.

As I previously mentioned, I’d never been to Wembley Stadium, and in fact, I’d never been to a football match before either. There’s something quite epic about walking into that stadium, you feel like a small part of something much bigger than yourself, and the place resonates energy and atmosphere even when it’s empty.

Usually when watching football on TV I lose track of the ball and can’t quite work out which direction it’s actually travelling in, so I approached this day with the attitude of – ‘I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep up with what’s going on, but I’m going to make the most of it’. However, views from inside the stadium are far different to what I had imagined. We were lucky to have incredible seats – less than 30 rows from the front and with a clear view of the goal, and it definitely helped! I got so involved, groaning and celebrating with the rest of the crowd as first Senegal (with only 10 men!) triumphed, and then Team GB clawed back to win 3-1 against the United Arab Emirates!

Still buzzing, the long journey home was easy, made all the better by the prospect of jetting off to Sunny Spain the following morning…