This is it, I’ve finally reached the big Three-Oh! And what better way to celebrate than to blog about my holiday?

On Monday I packed up and set off on a foreign adventure with my boyfriend (he’s been waiting for a mention!) to Sunny Spain, and more specifically to a town called Lloret de Mar, a little ways from Barcelona.

This holiday ultimately came about from the need for a few days of pure relaxation away from all of the stress of daily life, so we never planned to do all of the tourist-y stuff like boat tours and water parks and staying out until the sun comes up. Instead it was a slow life of morning walks, long talks on the beach and reading – lots of reading (you’ll notice that the number of reads on the Book List page is slowly building). And it was perfect!

Lloret de Mar has a truly stunning coastline – yes, it has a long beach, and yes, that was packed with tourists, but as you venture further out a much more picturesque landscape appears, and you can spend countless hours soaking it all in, lost in thought and overwhelmed by its beauty.

As always, a significant part of the holiday was governed by food! Having opted for half-board to save money, breakfast and dinner was covered by the hotel, and that’s all I shall say on the matter. Lunch, however, was a different story! We adopted this wonderful cafe on the seafront and went there daily, treating ourselves to their delicious burgers, calzone, chicken and pork, although the most stand-out dish of all was, of course, ice-cream sundaes!

Now, it’s not going to be immediately apparent what this next part has to do with our holiday, but stick it out and all will become clear!

Like most people of my generation (and of course many others!) I have a deep affection for Harry Potter. I’ve grown up living at Hogwarts, learning spells and fighting evil wizards. It’s literally as if part of my heart lives in those books. I can re-read them countless times, and each time my eyes absorb the final words of the final page a great feeling of emptiness falls right though me, leaving my heart open – like actually leaving a gaping whole where this fictional world was and has now departed. So it’s the strength of these feelings, the fact that Harry and co have been a huge part of my life, that leads me to obsess over anything Harry Potter. And so (leading nicely onto the holiday part) it was with absolute certainty, as if there was physically no other option, that when I opened up the menu in a cocktail bar on the beach the only thing I could and would order, right from the bottom of the page was the Harry Potter. Yes, seriously! There was a cocktail called Harry potter! I didn’t even look at what was in it, the decision was made (though it turns out it was a mix of vodka, blue curacao, peach liquor and sprite).

All-in-all it was an amazing, beautiful, relaxing holiday, and I couldn’t have asked for any more than that!