I’m on a temporary high after a day off work, and a productive one at that. Not only have I started this blog to document my life improvement journey, but I’ve taken a few small steps to boost my mood.

The simple things that have helped me kick my misery:

Putting on some old tunes that got me through my teenage years – there’s something about these songs that remind me of how carefree it was to be sixteen, and that’s a little reassuring.

Dusting off the old sewing machine – I’ve had a cushion cover pinned for weeks just waiting to be sewn together so that’s exactly what I did. Now all I need to do is stuff it, which I’m not gonna put off for another two months!

Enjoying the sun – even if was only a stroll to the garage to pick up my car! But there’s something quite revitalising about being outdoors, and it’s something I don’t do nearly enough.

Eating well – a tuna salad for dinner followed by a yoghurt for dessert. It’s hard for me to resist comfort food and with such a sweet tooth it was a struggle to say no to the chocolate biscuits, but I think I feel better for it, even if it is only for the display of willpower.

Remembering the good times – I’ve flicked through my Facebook albums and selected a few shots that remind me of the people I love and the times I’ve had. I’m gonna print them so I have a constant reminder that I’m surrounded by great people who I can always turn to when life is getting me down.

Arranged to meet old friends – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve drifted apart from some of your closest friends so I’ve set some plans in place for some good catch-ups. And you can never have too much advice, so I’ll be asking for tips on how they keep positive.

So all-in-all it’s been a good day, and I’m determined not to let work tomorrow get me down. Maybe I’ll wear my new DMs, I am listening to New Shoes (Paolo Nutini) after all!