After a rather dull day at work and a disappointing fall-through of Saturday night plans I was left feeling a little agitated at the thought of spending the night in watching re-runs of Friends (again!).

Thankfully Paps had the clever idea of using our PS3 Lovefilm subscription, and despite my initial scepticism we found gem of a movie – The Losers:

The Losers Trailer

I definitely recommend!

Intrigue then led us to browse the TV section and I couldn’t have been more surprised by what we ended up watching. Most people my age will be familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and will remember one episode in particular for its utter bizarreness – Once More With Feeling! I’m actually quite concerned at how well I remembered the songs!

Rest in Peace

So a write-off of a night actually turned out to be quite the success! I do love to reminisce!