I am having a rather successful morning, getting all of my finances in order (it’s pay day!) before heading off to work, and I took the opportunity to order some crochet hooks. I have started on my journey into the craft of crochet, even though at present that only means reading the introduction to Basic Crochet Stitches, but I’m already excited!

My mind is flowing with ideas of crochet doilies, tablecloths and shawls and I’m already planning to progress into the third dimension and create clothes. Perhaps it’s not much to get excited about, but to me it’s fascinating!

I’ve always been around crochet. The image of my Nannie with a crochet hook creating blankets from one length of yarn is ingrained in my memory from an early age. I’ve been a knitter for a while but, until now, I’d barely grasped a crochet hook, though seeing a friend of mine getting carried away with crochet last summer brought it closer to my attention. Hence being given Basic Crochet Stitches for my birthday.

I’m already excited for my hooks to arrive, if only because the dull grey hook I’ve grown to know has been shunned in favour of a pack of multi-coloured aluminium hooks and I can’t wait to play with them!

Here’s hoping I can master the art!