I’ve been pretty poor on the whole blogging front lately. It feels like most of my time has been taken up with laundry and ironing, washing dishes, cooking and shopping (of the less exciting food variety) and a whole load of other bits and bobs that just ‘needed doing’.

Amongst all of that though, I have been practising my knitting skills and have produced a number of knitted collars adorned with buttons and plaited ties, and a couple of tube snoods. I’ve managed to improve the pattern piece for my stitched collars as well, so have a pretty good one all finished, and I plan to spend my evening cutting pieces and bejewelling another two collars!

I’m hoping that at the beginning of next week I’ll be able to photograph the items that I’ve made so far and upload them onto Etsy, and then just see what happens!

When I left work a friend got me a gift, which was very kind of her, but unfortunately was very similar to something I already had, so I redeemed it for a gift voucher as I couldn’t find anything that made me “wow” at the time.

Looking again earlier this week I was super excited to find a collection of books from Cath Kidston, with how-to guides for knitting, sewing and patchwork. With a little experience in kitting already, and a Mum who’s very handy with a sewing machine, I decided to opt for the patchwork book. It’s perfect for me because I always end up with scraps of fabric with the things I make and I’m looking forward to using them to make beautiful, individual creations!

I’ve not got round to taking photos of what I’ve done so far, so I’ll leave it here for now and do a photo blog soon!!