Yesterday turned out to be a pretty fantastic day. It was amazing to find myself completely forgetting about all of the negativity that’s been around and just having fun! All of the bad stuff didn’t even cross my mind during the day, which I guess was the entire point of doing it from the start!

As I said in my last post I went to Canterbury with the rents to do some kind of Spy Trail. I wasn’t sure what it was going to entail but it was really good fun. Starting at the cathedral we were given directions and clues, leading us to 19 answers which we would later have to use to crack the spy code! Having been to Canterbury a few times before, I already knew my way around the main centre but it was great to be directed around unknown areas – there was so much that I hadn’t seen, and it was amazing to learn more of the history of the city. The guidebook itself had a few interesting facts that were added to by what we found out along the route. And of course, we found a few little shops that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Most specifically a charity shop which sold an array of vintage and second-hand clothing, trinkets and haberdashery  – right up my street! I found myself an extravagantly trimmed silk blouse and the most amazing black suede jodhpurs! Unfortunately the name escapes me, but if you turn right at the Cathedral and follow the road to the tower, it’s on your left.

The trail itself was meant to take 2 hours, but with our urge to shop and the necessity to eat (I definitely recommend Catch Fish & Chips – I had an awesome fish finger bap with a side order of chips!) it made for a really exciting and varied day out.

The website where you can download the trails is and they have ones for places all over the country! I’m looking into doing one of the Brighton ones next!

Here are a few photos from the day:

On the journey…
Clock Tower
Canterbury Cathedral
This busker was so talented, and even managed to get a little kid dancing away!
Turn left at the gargoyles!

The most delicious fish finger bap!
A side of chips on a fish shaped plate!
From the Peace Walk
Serpent bench
Canterbury Castle
River walk
Patisserie Valerie
Double Chocolate Gateau, Cheesecake, Black Forest Gateau