Well I’ve had quite a wonderful day! What with making pancakes for breakfast, a bit of freestyle crochet, watching another two films from my pile, reading a good few chapters of my book and baking up a storm in the kitchen I certainly have been rather productive.


Anyone who knows me will know I love to bake. I’ve fantasised about having my own little quirky cake shop and I find cake, in all it’s forms, truly irresistible. Recently, however, I’ve been somewhat uninspired and haven’t been baking like I usually do. I Promised myself I would get back on the baking bandwagon and so attempted a batch of cupcakes on Sunday (for the first time in a month!) and they turned out below par. Sob. Today though, I whipped out the mixing bowl on a whim and concocted the cutest little treats.

First there was a batch of miniature chocolate cupcakes topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream. They are just the size of one bite, so would make the perfect party favours!

Secondly, I created some adorable heart shaped cupcake sandwiches, again in chocolate and vanilla. They’re a little rough around the edges but I call it rustic!

A pretty successful day all-in-all!