Every so often I wake up in the morning and decide that I’m going to have a lazy day. Not in the sense of not doing anything, more in the way of staying in my sweats all day with my hair screwed up on top of my head – I’m the kind of person that always gets dressed first and foremost. Today was one of those mornings and I spent the first few hours in my room ticking off a few tasks on my to-do list, comfy in my trusty sweats.

I got to the point though, and I think this often happens just because of the kind of person that I am, that I ended up feeling what I can only describe as ‘bleh’. So I’ve got a few tips to help you shrug of your ‘bleh’ – they work for me at least!

  • Let your hair down
  • Put on some clothes that make you feel good – I’ve swapped my sweats for high-waisted black jeans, a cropped vest and a cropped long-sleeved sheer wrap-top
  • Put on some tunes to get you dancing – Destiny’s Child’s Survivor album always reminds me of when I was younger and I just can’t help but move to the beats
  • DANCE! Just have a boogie around your room, no one’s watching!
  • Drink water – I always feel fresher after downing a pint!
  • Brush your teeth – not only do you feel fresher after, but it kind of symbolises starting the day so look at it as re-starting the day out of your ‘bleh’ funk!
That’s just a few things that are personal to me. Think of anything that brings a smile to your face, it might be a certain film, looking at a particular picture, putting on your make-up or just acting like a fool, and just do it! Days are much more fun when you’re feeling good!